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An express trust is a trust created “in express terms, and usually in writing, as distinguished from one inferred by the law from the conduct or dealings of the parties.”

Property is transferred by a person (called a trustor, settlor, or grantor) to a transferee (called the trustee), who holds the property for the benefit of one or more persons, called beneficiaries. The trustee may distribute the property, or the income from that property, to the beneficiaries. Express trusts are frequently used in common law jurisdictions as methods of wealth preservation or enhancement.

Vehicle Finance Forensic Audit

You are the Creditor.

Your “loan funds” come into existence when you sign the agreement, thus making you the true creditor. Your “lender” then sells your note to a securitisation agent and gets paid in full as per the terms of the prospectus (see example here).  There is never any disclosure, because what rational person would agree to this.

See Bank of England – How Money is Created.

Without Proof of Debt, is there a debt?

Your Forensic Audit will help expose everything about your loan. Most importantly, it gives you the information you need to be able to fight this legally and lawfully. If it ever goes to court, which it generally won’t, part of your due process is the discovery phase. This is where you are entitled to see the information (that you have requested in your DSAR). Banks cannot and will not divulge this as it would bring the whole system down, so you win due to their lack of evidence. See JBR Capital, A Case Study


An evidence of debt not existing is presumed to have been discharged


Forensic Audit

Due to the value of most Vehicle Finance agreements and the property as security, a forensic audit is a must to help you decipher the trail.



You can now request the finance company provide you with whom and the reasons they have shared your data.


Stand your Ground

Do not be intimated by the parasites. Learn to stand your ground. They need to prove the alleged debt, that’s all you are asking for.


The reason is obvious (- there is no evidence)