Parking Charge Notices
A Case Study

The process I used to validate (invalidate) a PCN including the use of a DSAR to prove my point and rights.


April 2021

The alleged contravention occurred on the 31st July 2018 (I was no longer in possession of the car) at Croydon Park Hotel. I received the PCN by post on 2nd August 2018 by the DCA known as PCN Parking Solutions based in Hove, Brighton on behalf of the Parking Enforcement Agency (data processor) who was given my details from the Drivers Vehicle Licencing Agency (the data controller)


My previous vehicle registration 2015 (on finance) was upgraded in March 2018. The vehicle had been traded in for a new model (in March 2018) with the salesman (Mercedes Benz). The oversight was that the V5C form which I had left in the hands of the salesman and consequently the salesman did not change the registered keeper details whilst the garage used the car. I was still liable for the subsequent penalty charge notice that was incurred by the salesman when parking it in Croydon.
Because of this oversight, I decided to test the power of the discovery concept using validate the claim, and Data Subject Access Request. All PDF examples supplied relate to the points below

Below you can see a paper trail of the events as they unfolded.

1 We sent a letter to PCN Parking Solutions (25th August 2018) stating we have not agreed to do business, refusing their offer of contract, unjust enrichment in contravention of Trading Standards and the Financial Conduct Authority and Harassment.

2 £100 Further claim against us from PCN Parking Solutions (21st September 2018)

3 Non-payment prompted PCN Parking Solutions to sell debt to Ultimate Customer Solutions (25th October 2018) Final demand for payment £172. We started the process again and sent them the same Cease & Desist Notice as before.

4 Non-payment prompted Ultimate Customer Solutions to sell the debt to CSB Solicitors (16th November 2018) claim for £170. Sent same Cease & Desist Notice.

5 Non-payment prompted Ultimate Customer Solutions (17th January 2019 & 15th February 2019) PENDING LEGAL ACTION threat and a reduced one-off payment discount £127.50p.

6 Non-payment prompted other DCA with similar claims including, Commercial Collections Services LTD, Direct Collections Bailiffs LTD the last of which was Avantis Credit Limited.

7 As a result of multiple claims, I sent a Data Subject Access Request (April 12th 2019) to all parties involved in the fraud including DVLA. Reply came back from SolutionLabs Ltd stating they have a lawful reason to process our personal data.

8 Reply from Advantis Credit Limited that they no longer hold account open on their system and will not be looking to contact you further in relation to this matter.

9 More recently (2021), a response Direct Collections Bailiffs LTD confirming that they closed the account 21st of March 2019 and reconfirmed the matter on the 7th April 2021.
However, I have come to the realisation that I must now commit to a Letter before claim for damages. This is an ongoing case I need to revisit and will update the blog upon commencing the necessary steps for restitution and resolution.