How to write one

A Private Express Trust is a powerful equitable obligation in writing to protect the interest of the beneficiaries with clear intention and purpose.


May 2021

Putting it simply, a Private Express Trust is a unique way of owning property for the benefit of another, called the beneficiary. A revocable trust which holds your assets in order to pass on to family members, avoiding probate and creating tax benefits also.

Deciding on the trustee

Deciding on the trustee is probably the hardest part. It needs to be someone you completely trust, after all they will, on paper, own everything and you will just control it, all for the benefit of the beneficiaries.  

Also the trustee needs to be fully aligned and hold a complete understanding of his/her fiduciary duties.

We offer a full professional trustee position for those who don’t have trustee in mind. Our contracts are signed by the settlor (you), us (acting as professional trustee) and are signed by 2  witnesses.

Decide who are the beneficaries

You can name anyone to be the beneficiaries, your children, your aunt, grandparents, cousin, neighbour, friend, hairdressers and even your favourite pets home.

When you select your beneficiaries you should consider what happens in the event of their death, for example if your sister was the beneficiary, what would happen if she sadly passed away would her children be the beneficiaries?

Decide what assets to put into Trust

You can include anything in your  Private Express Trust such as:

  • Your family home
  • Vehicles, especially classics
  • Savings accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Life Insurance proceeds
  • Stocks/Bonds
  • Gold/Silver
  • Cryptocurrency


Creating your documents

We will work closely with you to write your  Private Express Trust bespoke and tailored to suit your wishes. After an initial consultation and filling in our trust declaration questionnaire we will post your bound Private Trust documents for safekeeping.

 We would recommend you update your Will or set up a Will to demonstrate in the Public sector that you have a  Private Express Trust.