McKenzie Friend
Help when you need it

Someone who accompanies you in order to help in court when you are a Litigant in Person (self-presentation). Your McKenzie Friend can sit with you in the court and offer advice and support as well as taking notes to help you.


April 2021

How can a they help if you are a Litigant in Person?

There are some things that a McKenzie Friend cannot do on your behalf, such as conduct litigation, file court documents and Statements etc. There is a Practice Direction issued by the Courts which explains this in more detail.

You can read the case specifics here that forms the basis of the legislation and ruling.

We can act as your McKenzie Friend in court. If you are going to be appearing as a Litigant in Person and have decided to avoid using a legal idiot (aka lawyer), see service in our shop).

For a full breakdown on how they can help you in court as a Litigant in Person (Self Presentation), download and read the PDF in the button below.


Some pro's and con's

The right to use the help of a friend in court was established in the 1970 case of McKenzie v McKenzie. [1971] P 33; [1970] 3 WLR 472; [1970] 3 All ER 1034, CA]

In many cases they may be an actual friend. It’s worth remembering that they are not there for emotional or moral support. They are there to serve a purpose.  To ensure you win your case. More often than not, it is somebody with knowledge of the specific area of the court you dealing with. They will have an in-depth knowledge of the relevant case law and subject matter. 

The idea is to give you a better chance of success without having to employ a firm of solicitors who may or may not be experts in whatever it is you need help with. 

The presumption is heavily in favour of admitting a McKenzie friend into court. 

Remember, they may be liable for any misleading advice given to the Litigant in Person but are not covered by professional indemnity insurance.