Typical Mortgage flow

Settlor (you) signs and sends the Agreement to the Agent Bank (Mortgage Provider) who then assigns the Note to A Security Trustee.

Trustee trades the Note after the Beneficiary is paid in credit for it. 

The Beneficiary (you) is then expected to make repayments for the privilege.

The Trustee and the Consortium make a profit on the Note through securitisation. They then make a profit on the actual loan they provide as there was never any money. They also make a profit on the interest they charge.

See Discovery page & Forensic Audits on how to unravel the fraud. deception.

Forensic Audit

For a further look at mortgages and how they work, see Mortgages – What and How

Your Signature Creates the Credit.

Your mortgage “loan” does not exist, your bank is not lending you anything. Like an EVIL Magic Trick, they are conjuring up the digits and calling them funds and fooling you into signing an agreement to pay them back. See Bank of England for how money is created.

This agreement is called a Promissory Note. It is also the same as the paper notes you hold in your wallet – They are not money, they are a promise to pay, take one out and read what it really says. “I Promise to pay the bearer on demand”

They then charge you for the privilege of creating this “money” over 20 or 30 years. They also then use your loan note as security, allowing them to create even more money.

"chirographum non extans presumitur solutum"

An evidence of debt not existing is presumed to have been discharged

Maxims in Law

Deceptis non decipientibus, jura subveniunt – The laws help persons who are deceived, not those deceiving.

Clam delinquens magis punitur quam palam. – A person who does wrong secretly is punished more severely than one who acts openly.

Dolus et fraus una in parte sanari debent. – Deceit and fraud should always be remedied.

Contractus ex turpi causa, vel contra bonos mores nullus est. – A contract founded on a base and unlawful consideration, or against good morals, is null.

It all Starts with a
Forensic Audit

Causa patet – The reason is obvious