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Protecting your Assets

In todays society it is vital more than ever to deposit your assets into a Private Expressed Trust to protect the equitable interest in your assets and stop thugs from taking them via bankruptcy, threats and liability orders.

Our highly professional team will supply your Private Trust written bespoke for your needs. We can help you choose a trustee or you can use our Professional Trustee Service to administer your assets.

Private Trusts are an important legal concept in the Equity Law jurisdiction and are successful in protecting the beneficiaries equitable interest.

The main differences between Public & Private Trusts is that Public Trusts have obligations, responsibilities and liabilities, Private Trusts do not.

The Trustee has a fiduciary duty as the Legal Title owner, whilst the Beneficiary has the use and possession as the Equitable Title holder.

How A Trust Is Formed

The Settlor transfers assets via a legal title to the Trustee for the benefit of the Beneficiaries.

Our Private Trusts are expressed clearly stating what the 3 certainties are; Trust Intention, Trust  Purpose & Trust Property. These are fundamental elements of providing a Private Trust. All assets are clearly identifiable and recorded in the Trust Declaration which is written for your private use.

Why should i have a Private Trust?

The main benefit of having a Private Trust is to secure your assets and to protect the beneficiaries interest. The office of Settlor can also be the office of the Beneficiary, in lay-mans terms, you can be both the Settlor and Beneficiary.

  • A Private Trust keeps your financial affairs private
  • Aids business interest planning
  • Allows your assets to pass on to your children
  • Safeguards all equitable interest for the beneficiaries


"Equity aids the vigilant, not those who slumber on their rights."


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One of our specialist Private Trust partners will be in contact for an initial consultation to discuss what assets will become the property for the Private Trust and who the 3 parties will be


Preparation of documents

If you are happy to proceed, your dedicated Private Trust partner will commence writing your draft Private Trust and will be emailed to you for approval 


Sent via Recorded Delivery

Your Private Trust will be sent via recorded delivery, which must be signed by the Settlor & Trustee. Once signed, take a photo or scan so you have both digital and paper copies

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